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Our Story

We are a family owned and operated business.  We love RV's and want to share that with everyone by making RV ownership more attainable and providing access to clean well maintained RV's for RV renters.  The U.S.A. has the best attractions for families, dog lovers, and general travelers to enjoy on the road.  RV's can also be enjoyed close to home or even at the home for important guests.  

Our RV story began in 2014 with our first RV, a class C,  as a family our youngest daughter was just 3 weeks old and our older daughter only 2 and a half years of age.  We were living in Washington state and made it a priority to take monthly RV trips with the family.  Upon returning to our native state of Oklahoma our trips were fewer and our family was bigger with the addition of our teenage nephew.  That's when we decided that renting our RV could help justify the cost of keeping it.  Our first rental was in March of 2017 and our purchase of a second RV, a travel trailer, to rent was less than a month later.  We immediately knew that we were on to something.  The ability to keep our RV's and the satisfaction of giving others the opportunity to enjoy RV's was a perfect combination.  We added our 3rd RV, a class A, in December of that year.  

The next hurdle was finding suitable storage and location to maintain all of the necessities of RV ownership.  We found this as an opportunity if we could solve our own problems we could also expand our services to help other RV owners enjoy the benefits or renting their RV's.  Through our experience, knowledge, facility, marketing, and established processes we aim to meet the demand of clean and reliable RV rentals and help RV owners.  RV storage is an important feature for us, but the compliment of a dump site, electric hookups, RV wash and maintenance amenities distinguish us from others.  

My Green Country RV

My Green Country RV

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